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One Tribe Foundation


DUKATY property, s.r.o.


Slovakia, Nigeria



Project Description

One Tribe Foundation is a new and upcoming foundation from Slovakia established with the purpose of supporting various causes on the african continent.

Target Audience

To be established…

Logo Inspiration

Our main inspiration for the logo were Adinkra symbols, which are visual symbols originally created by the Ashanti tribe from central Ghana, Africa.

Brand Colors

The logo and symbol are strong on their own, without the need to use colors.

The brand uses only white and black as main colors, with gray shades as secondary colors, used mostly on the website and in print as background and border/line colors.



Light Gray




Logo & Typeface Variants

The logo or typeface can be placed on white or black background color.

Branding Visualizations

Examples of how the branding would look like in real-life.

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