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Set your company apart

with a unique brand your rivals will envy you

Don’t be like every other company in your industry – dull and boring. We are Brandbonsai, an innovative design & development agency, and we will help your company to shine.

Logo Design & Branding

Be memorable

Web Design & Web Development

Be visible

Copywriting & Sales Optimization

Be successful

Solving Errors & Technical Problems

Be worry-free

Tell Us Why,

We’ll Show You How & What

Most design or development agencies ask their clients the Whats. "What is it that you need?" "What can we do for you?" We beg to differ.

At Brandbonsai, we first seek to know the Whys. "Why is it that you need this?" "Why do you want to do this and not something else?" "Why are you interested?"

Only then, after learning the Whys, we can advise the client on the Hows and Whats: "How the client can achieve their goal" and "What we can do to help them achieve it".

"Our collaboration couldn't have been better."

Juraj CapaCEO, PIPE CONTROL s.r.o.

"I can rely on Brandbonsai."

Juraj HubaCEO, Polnoprojekt Nitra

"Thanks again. What a great collaboration."

Peter PrevoznakCEO, Prenx s.r.o.

Yes, it can be easy

Getting a new logo, full branding, or a brand new website doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. We enjoy doing the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what matters the most in your business.

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Thinking globally, acting locally

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